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Start Designing Your Dream Kitchen

There are many details that you may not consider when you are thinking about designing a kitchen.
Let us help you through the process to create the space that you will be proud of.

Planning your kitchen

Start with a list of how your family uses the kitchen. This includes the food preparation area, cooking zones, as well as eating areas. Make sure that you take into consideration your family’s current and future lifestyle.

If your family is busy, and more casual on the culinary matters, a relaxed style would probably suit. For this style, a functional layout, maximized work spaces and incorporated bright and interesting ornaments into your finished kitchen design is important.

If your family members eat at all hours of the day, or you feel that everyone who enters your home constantly passes through your kitchen, consider incorporating breakfast benches or island bars, and make sure to have more open space between the kitchen and adjoining living areas.

Taking into consideration your lifestyle and other information (for example your wish list), LIBER designers can help you to create the basic design for your new kitchen. We will consider three different kitchen layouts:

Gallery Kitchen:

The gallery kitchen allows easy access to everything without having to move around much. You can make use of large units in order to get the most out of your space. Think carefully about where you can place your oven and sink so that movement can be kept to a minimum.

L-Shaped Kitchen:

The L-Shaped kitchen is excellent if you want to maximize floor space. It usually allows you enough room to have space for a table or an island. You can make the most of your space by having large corner units, for both the base and wall cabinets. This will allow you more storage space to store large items.

U-Shaped Kitchen:

The U-Shaped kitchen lets you make use of three walls. You can achieve maximized storage space by making use of large corner units and wall units. It will alsocreate more counter space and allow you enough floor space to move around comfortably.

Things to consider:

+ Appliances

It is good to decide on your appliances before you design your kitchen in order to provide your LIBER designer with all of the specs. You also may want to purchase your appliances before hand in order to envision the look that you are going for.

+ Sinks

There are so many options available now in the department of sinks. You must consider what type of sink you want in order to tie your dream kitchen together. Would you want an under-mount sink or would you prefer a sink with an apron? Do you like stainless steel or porcelain? There are many options and it is good to know what you like in order for us to help you create the feeling you are looking for.

+ Countertops

There are as many countertop styles to choose from as there are different cabinet door styles. Selecting the right countertop to compliment your chosen kitchen is the ideal way to finish off a highly individual look. Liber Kitchen Cabinets offers you a wide variety of countertop products made from various materials such as quartz, granite, marble, tile, solid surface, butcher block, glass, and stainless steel.

+ Backsplash

You have to consider what material you want your backsplash to be. You also have to think about if you want to have any inserts or patterns with your backsplash. Come and see our mosaics collection.

+ Handles

Hardware is the finishing touch to any kitchen. It can change the entire look of a kitchen just by choosing between a knob and a pull. Custom Hood Fans: A hood fan can be the focal point in your kitchen. There is an infinite amount of possibilities when considering this detail. You could consider a hood fan that looks like a part of your cabinetry or a separate entity all of its own.

+ Accessories

There are many details that you may not consider when you are thinking about designing your kitchen. We are here to help and we have the expertise to help you think about the final touches that you may want on your kitchen.

Storage Solutions


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